Yu Da University of Science and Technology Department of Fashion Styling and Design

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Teaching objectives
Our department as the goal to develop fashion design, combined with beauty salons, fashion modeling, and other areas of the overall goal of design talent, combined with computer design applications, designed to inspire students' creative potential, based on industry demand for talent planning courses, training students to design professional ability to encourage the overall design creativity.

Professional Compulsory 
Skin caring, basic hair design, basic drawing, design sketches, computer-aided overall visual design, application of color science, make science, fashion art, art history, culture and creativity, design overview, Introduction to the fashion brand, fashion photography, composition and production of clothing, fashion marketing management, special production, the overall shape of creation

Professional Elective (three modules)
1. overall design module:
Beauty implementation, nail art, advanced hair design, fashion, hair styling, bridal secretaries, painted makeup, wigs practical application, creative clothing accessories
2. fashion design module:
Research and application materials, glass design, jewelry design and application, basic metalwork design, advanced metalwork design, fashion, creative thinking, costume design
3. performances fashion design module:
Deportment school, performing arts, music and arts performances, visual display design, stage design, fashion merchandising, fashion media and public relations, fashion exhibitions planning

Professional elective courses
Introduction to cosmetics, art painting, pop aesthetics, design and overall planning the wedding style, advanced nail art, wedding consultant, basic aromatherapy, advanced aromatherapy, workplace internships