Yu Da University of Science and Technology Department of Fashion Styling and Design

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Cross-disciplinary Curriculum

This department promotes cross-disciplinary credit courses. In 106 years, it combined with relevant departments in the school to launch a fashion image credit course, which promotes cross-disciplinary talent interaction and expertise exchange to cultivate a new generation of talented people.

1. Set the purpose:
This course is mainly to train professionals in "fashion image" to provide students with integrated courses of study in the second specialty outside the main department, thereby enhancing students' employment competitiveness.
2. Covering Departments:
Department of Fashion Design, Department of Leisure Sports Management
3. Practice requirements:
Students completing this course should complete 18 credits in the course plan according to the study rules, which is deemed to have completed this credit course;
Required credits for this course.
Elective credits for this semester, at least 10 credits.